The Board of Signature Hotel is the body responsible for corporate governance, establishing policies and objectives, and management of the Group's resources. The Board of Directors has a strong commitment to high standards of corporate governance.


Chairman & CEO

Mr. Maqbool Hussain
With his 30 years of experience hitherto and the long standing vision with the aim to make building safe and beautiful our Supremo and Chairman has made his name prominent in construction industry.
Mr. Yaseen Mahsud
Having 15 years of vast and inclusive experience in the field of real estate and sales. Our CEO is known and recognize in construction industry with few of his projects in city


Haji Muhammad Iqbal

Director Administration & Compliance Signature Hotels started his business journey back in 1985. He is a remarkable example of an exceptional entrepreneur whereby started from low scaled oil seeds business converted it into a successful oil producing mill/factory at Bahawalpur. Then he stepped into construction and achieved numerous successes. His vision is that we own business as Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAAW accordingly we thoroughly fulfill our commitments. Moreover, we award top priority to our investors and keep their interests safe & secure.

Ayaz Khan

Director Construction, Accounts & Marketing With a Decade of Excellence Carved in Concrete: Unveiling Ayaz Khan Journey as a Construction Maestro. For the past ten years, Ayaz Khan has been the driving force behind architectural transformations that have reshaped Rawalpindi and Islamabad, leaving an indelible mark, especially in the vibrant Saddar RWP locale. Now, as the Construction Head of Signature Hotels Islamabad, his passion and prowess fuse seamlessly, crafting a future where every detail stands as a testament to his artistry and a contribution to the advancement of the tourism and hospitality sectors.

Shaheer Ahmad

Signature is the name of ultimate opulent elegance. I, Shaheer Ahmed, am the Business strategist of flag holder project of J7 group, the Signature hotel Islamabad. I was fortunate enough to have completed my education from the most prestigious alma matters of the country and then bagging my professional experience around the globe. After spending last 7 years in the chess of real estate I am here to deliver my services for this once-in-a-lifetime project.

Syed Aizaz Haider Shah

Meet the accomplished Director of Corporate Relations & IT at Signature Hotels Islamabad, a person driven by results and quality. With a proven track record spanning over 5 years across various multinational firms, including Apple, they possess a wealth of experience in the technology and hospitality sectors. Their exceptional communication skills have been instrumental in cultivating and nurturing strong relationships. Now, they are leveraging their expertise to redefine hospitality through a prestigious project, contributing to the transformation of tourism and guest experiences at Signature Hotels Islamabad.